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Next Generation builds a trustworthy relationship on four foundational pillars.

EFFECTIVENESS begins with honesty. Our word is sure, and our actions are just. We represent vendors who pursue excellence and work with customers who value our attention. Our independent representatives’ success is our ultimate priority.

We continually review business practices, making necessary adjustments, to compete in the ever-changing business environment. This ensures our EFFICIENCY. We understand that if we aren’t moving forward, we are going backward. Our independent reps are forward thinking and embrace positive steps.

The goal is PROFITABILITY. When our vendors and independent representatives are profitable, Next Generation is profitable. We invest our time in supportive vendors and give focused attention to enhancing the relationship with our independent representatives.

SUSTAINABILITY. We strive to be long term partners for trusted vendors and independent territory managers. Next Generation and it’s trustworthy relationship chain has proven to be sustainable over the last 44 years.

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