Tips & Tricks for Creating Online Buzz

How do we adapt a physical store front to an online world? We live in the Digital Age, so let’s use social media to our advantage! We’re going to share some tips and tricks on how to use Social Media to generate a buzz around your biz.


Facebook Live

People want to see YOU! Your followers know your store, they might know what you sell, but maybe they haven't put a face with a name. With Facebook and Instagram you have the chance to show your face, any time of any day.

A LIVE can be informative but still fun! Q&A style with the viewers, interview style or just talking straight to the camera. You can go live when you get a new shipment in, purchase a new product, have an event or have an announcement!

Important factors when going LIVE:

  1. Be in a well lit area with a strong wifi connection

  2. Have something to steady your camera, like a tripod or iPhone stand

  3. Have somewhat of a script, rehearse talking points and a general outline of the interview, but keep it candid and interactive

Facebook Events

Let your customers know when you’re having events by creating a Facebook Event. This let’s people know when you’re hosting an event. When you create and event, you can hand select the people you’ll be inviting. Every time someone responds to your event, it shows up on their friends’ pages. You event will get organic reaches, and that’s BIG!

Important factors when you make a Facebook Event:

  1. Eye catching title and story telling image

  2. Invite everyone you know!! This is what makes events effective - the reach!

  3. Be engaging. When someone responds to your event or shares it, Comment back to them.

Social Media Giveaway

  1. Give back to your followers. Collaborate with some of your vendors and create a Social Media giveaway! Whether that’s an experience, a swag bag or just a single item. Giveaway guidelines are very important for a successful contest. Make sure to include a clear start and end date, what the prize is and when you will announce the winner.

    Guidelines for this giveaway can look something like this...

    1. Give the timeline of giveaway, prize details & confirm when the winner will be announced

    2. Ask customer to tag 3 friends in the comments (Great way to generate additional followers!)

    3. Have them “Like” your store on Facebook and Instagram and follow on Twitter

    You can facilitate this contest on many platforms, here are some of the platforms you can use!

    Use your online platform to your advantage and to the MAX! Make it an extension of your store front, and this will allow you to inform your customers, drive traffic & generate additional sales through social media!

caroline kunkel