Marketing 101 for your Business


Let’s get Social

There are some key points for how to create, grow and maintain your business on social media. It can seem overwhelming, daunting and intimidating but it doesn’t have to be that at all!


What is Social Media?

In efforts to be on the same page, let’s start off with a simple explanation of what social media is. “Social media are web-based communication tools that enable people to interact with each other by both sharing and consuming information.”

Why is this important? The key word in the definition is interact. That is key to doing social media well is interacting with your audience. They want to know that you’re listening, seeing and engaging!

If you’re new to social media, start small and start consistent — the most important part is that you START! If you’re a social media veteran but feel burnt out or stale, change things up. In an ever changing medium, there’s always a next level to your growth using social media platforms.

Here are some top 10 tips for social media growth. Remember, it’s not overwhelming unless you try to do it all. Pick one or two of these tips, implement them and see how you grow!

1. Commit to be Consistent

Whether it’s once a week or a couple times daily, make sure you’re consistent in the frequency of your messaging. Let your followers know what to expect from your account. It’s fun to create expectation for your followers, maybe every Friday you post #FunFindFriday, and showcase something new in your store. Maybe every other Tuesday you go live and show fun gift bundles you put together with product in your store. Consistency is key! Your photos can be from your phone and not necessarily “professional” — as long as you’re sharing!

With planning comes consistency, find a tool that works for you to plan and post so you’re not daily setting aside too much time to create posts. (We will have a blog soon with different tips and tricks for the planning side of social media — stay tuned)

2. Get a “Hype Team” of Loyal Likers

In order to keep posts relevant on Instagram, there has to be a good amount of engagement in the first 20 minutes of posting. Have a core group of people who have their post notifications on, so they can comment as soon as the post goes live. This will insure your content will be seen in your followers feed and possibly on the discovery page.

3. Find a Measurable For You

Whether its awareness, sales, follows, likes — You have to find a goal that is measurable and attainable. Figure out what your goal is and build content that supports you reaching this goal. In all your planning, posting and communication — Make sure it points back to this intent.

4. Be a Real Person

Your customers want to see you! Go live every now and again and show your face, your brand is more about you than you think. Give your customers a person to connect with and a voice to the awesome product that you’re selling in your store! Photos and Videos with people get more engagement, because people like to see people!

5. Use Hashtags Strategically

The purpose of hashtags is to create a central location for people posting about the same things. People who are into fashion might follow #fashionfirst or #ootd — use this to your advantage to have more reach in the content you put out there. Do some research for your local area and see what hashtags are most used and most relevant for the audience you’re trying to reach!

6. Try it First and See What Works

You never know until you try! If you have an idea for an event, post, video or photo — go for it! Trial and Error is the best way to see what lands and what does not. Sometimes starting a new concept will take some time to catch on… if you try a live video and don’t get much traction — try it again and again. Just because it doesn’t land the first time, doesn’t mean it’s not working.

7. Visuals > Text

Visuals over text, always! If you’re promoting an event, or talking about a new shipment of product you’ve gotten in— TAKE A PICTURE/VIDEO! This is crucial for your customer. You can vary what visual you use from photos, videos, graphics or live videos. Start sharing more visual content and see how your engagement increases!

8. Cross-Promotion is KEY!

On your website create a place in the header or footer that has social media icons. This will allow your customers to click and follow easily and show them that you are on social media! On your social platforms link your website. This will help with traffic to both platforms and create a following in both places. This is a simple tool you can set up once, and you’ll see why it’s so important.

9. Collaborate with Local Influencers

Social Media is where people are finding valuable information on where to shop, eat, hangout and what products to buy. The younger generation are very likely to take an opinion from a public figure that they trust on product info or fashion advice. There are influencers in your area that have a trusted following and a shout out to your boutique would go a long way. Find them, shoot them a message, and collaborate. Whether that’s giving them a discount for whoever they refer, a coupon code for whoever shops from their posts, or free items for them to wear and post in! If you’re considering paid advertising, this is a great route to go — and you will see a quick return on investment.

10. Make Social Media, SOCIAL!

It is crucial you respond to every comment, review, message and communication to your page! Social Media is just that — social. Create a conversation, make a friend and let your followers know that you are an active, trusted and friendly voice on their page!